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Cubicle To COrner Office

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Your First Job!

When I started my own professional journey about 20 years ago in the Mailroom of the William Morris Agency, I encountered numerous challenges that textbooks and lectures never prepared me for….

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Navigating Workplace Competition: The Healthy Hustle Vs. The Toxic Tug-Of-War

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⚗️The Secret Sauce to 1:1 Meetings: How to Make Every Session a Win-Win!🏅

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Challenges of Gen Z in the Workforce & Reasons To Be Optimistic

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Cubicle To Corner Office
Introducing Cubicle To Corner Office

The Ultimate Survival Guide To Your First Job! When I started my own professional journey about 20 y…


The SMART goals framework is a system designed to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of goals. Le…

Flying First Class
Managing Expenses and Work Travel

Managing expenses and workplace travel can be a complex task, especially when it comes to balancing …

Mike Halpert

About the Author

Mike Halpert

Mike is a Product Management Executive at Thrasio and the writer of ‘Cubicle To Corner Office’