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Cubicle To Corner Office Book

Unlock the Secrets of your first job!

Starting your first job out of college is a challenging transition. You need to master the unspoken rules of the office, understand business etiquette, and navigate office politics. This book helps you set the tone for your career from day one.

Dive into ‘Cubicle To Corner Office’ and navigate the complexities of the corporate world. Whether you’re fresh out of college, starting an internship, or an expat stepping into a foreign corporate landscape, this guide is your blueprint to success.

About The Book:

On Sale

September 1st, 2023

Page Count

317 Pages


Windmill Publishing



A Deep Dive Into Corporate Excellence

A Deep Dive Into Corporate Culture

Master Corporate Culture

Step into the corporate world with confidence. Understand the unspoken rules and etiquette that pave the way for success.

Manager & Mentor Dynamics

Forge invaluable relationships, understand your bosses, and unlock doors to mentorship and growth.
Manager Dynamics
Effective Business Communication

Effective Business Communication

Forge invaluable relationships, understand your bosses, and unlock doors to mentorship and growth.

The book contains detailed information about the Following Topics:

Cultivating the right mindset from day one in your first job.

Identifying and mitigating common bilndspots faced by today’s talent.

Learn to analyze how your business & industry operate through value chain mapping

Setting and managing expectations with your boss or manager for clear job goals.

Building and nurturing professional relationships, ensuring effective collaboration.

Proficiently handling interactions with senior executives, from 1:1 meetings to group discussions.

Professional development tools: from scoping projects to prioritizing work.

Business etiquette for remote work, including mastering videoconference tools like Zoom.

Crafting effective communications, from how to write emails to detailed reports, with the added finesse of executive summaries.

Dressing for success: Navigating business attire and understanding its impact on professionalism.

Basics of handling expense accountsbusiness travel, and client meetings.

Socializing with ease, whether it’s with clients, coworkers, or during business meetings.

Efficiently using project tracking tools and shared drives for real-time collaboration.

Demystifying corporate compensation, bonuses, and the delicate art of asking for a raise.

Continuous professional development, the importance of mentorship, and strategies for networking.

For the foreign professional: Grasp the cultural nuances and seamlessly integrate both professionally and socially.


Lucas Wilson

“My manager handed me ‘Cubicle To Corner Office’ during my first week, and I quickly understood why. It’s not just a guide; it’s a roadmap to success in the corporate world. From communication to understanding unspoken etiquettes, this book has been my compass. I feel more confident and prepared in every meeting and interaction.”

Emily Johnson

“… before starting my internship, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about fitting into the corporate world. ‘Cubicle To Corner Office’ was a game-changer. It was like having a mentor in my pocket, guiding me through every challengeIe and new situation”

Abigail Hall

“…as a manager, it’s crucial for me to ensure that my new hires integrate seamlessly and effectively into our corporate culture. ‘Cubicle To Corner Office’ has been an invaluable tool. I’ve gifted it to every new member of my team, and the transformation in their confidence and approach has been evident. It’s not just a book; it’s an investment in their future.”

For THe Global Professional

A special segment dedicated to expats. Seamlessly integrate into new cultures while learning and respecting nuanced differences.

Your Journey from Cubicle to Corner Office Begins Here

Equip yourself with the insights, strategies, and tools to not just start, but to master your corporate career.